Peroshini Naidoo

As an empath and Crystal Child, Peroshini has always been interested in spirituality and has been communicating with her Guides from an early age.  Born in South Africa and raised in Canada, Peroshini now calls the US home where she teaches alongside her husband, Charles Virtue.

Peroshini has a background in psychology and spent many years traveling the world for her job, however her life purpose as a healer and teacher came to her when she began working with the Angelic Realm. This is when her life really began to change in miraculous ways. Following the guidance of the Angels, she began a life more in tune with her life purpose. Peroshini wishes to share her experiences with all who resonate with her work and are guided to learn from her. 

She specializes in self empowerment to help us rise above our ego and release any fears that may be keeping us from living the life our souls knows we deserve. 

Peroshini is also an experienced animal communicator and reader. Peroshini has a deep bond with animals and has extensive experience working with animals in rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries. She loves to share her knowledge of the animal world so that we may all  benefit from the gifts animals have to offer us.

Peroshini offers transformational and uplifting in-person and at-home audio classes. She has years of experience helping beautiful souls such as yourself awaken to a life of peace, harmony, joy and fulfillment.

Peroshini is an occasional contributor to the Times of India.  You can find a sample of her writing here:

About Peroshini